HCI is an obvious choice for ambulatory health organizations seeking to achieve or maintain accreditation and to improve quality of care and patient safety. Numerous organizations throughout the country have benefited from the guidance and counsel of HCI’s professional consultants.

HCI has highly experienced consultants who are also active health care professionals with in-depth accreditation surveyor experience who:

Focus on preparing ambulatory health care organizations for accreditation
Are intimately familiar with accreditation standards, methods and practices
Work with ambulatory health care organizations of all specialty and practice types
Have successful track records
Provide specialized consulting services to meet each individual organization’s needs

How can HCI help your organization become accredited?

Few organizations have the extra staff capacity necessary to allow preparation for accreditation while conducting “business as usual”. HCI consultants will streamline accreditation preparation by developing a framework that your staff will find simple to follow. This framework will provide direction and an understanding of what is required to meet each phase of the accreditation process. HCI’s primary focus is to change the mindset from “something we have to do” to “something we want to do”. HCI will work with an organization’s staff to thoroughly review the survey process and help staff members feel comfortable with their involvement.

How fast can we prepare for the accreditation survey?

The length of time required for accreditation preparation depends on the availability of resources at your organization. HCI consultants will create a tailored approach to be used based on the nature of your organization. Nevertheless, approximately 4-6 months is usually a reasonable period to set aside for accreditation preparation. If it is necessary to expedite the accreditation preparation process to meet regulatory or third-party payor requirements, HCI will assist the organization to expedite the preparation process.

Can HCI guarantee that your organization will receive accreditation?

HCI cannot ‘guarantee’ that any organization will receive accreditation. Nevertheless, HCI has an excellent track record of successful accreditation outcomes among its clients. HCI will only recommend organizations to undergo the accreditation survey when it feels the organization is ready.

What Our Clients Are Saying

We had a great experience with HCI. The consultant was professional, personable, and knowledgeable. We would recommend HCI to other organizations looking to be well prepared for a AAAHC audit.
Sherry Peck, Administrator; Face and Jaw Surgery Center
HCI Consultants services were vital to our organization’s preparation for the AAAHC survey.
Kelly Roper, MHA, CEO; Orthopaedic Associates, P.A.
We have used Healthcare Consultants on two occasions; once when we opened our ASC and then again when we had a change in administration. They exceeded our expectations on both occasions. Their consultants are extremely knowledgeable and come armed with the most recent information. Our consultant answered all of our questions and broke the steps down to a process that was easy to understand and implement. HCI Consultants is recommended for all healthcare accreditation needs.
Scherrie Eastwood, General Manager; Marion Eye Surgery Center
HCI met our needs and exceeded our expectations. At the end of the day, we need to move fast in today’s healthcare environment and with HCI, we accomplished our goals.
Scott R. Anderson, COO; Prairie Spine & Pain Institute
Utilizing the services offered by Healthcare Consultants International was a wise investment for our center. In addition to providing recommendations on our current systems, they provided a “mock” survey as well. After implementing some of these recommendations, our AAAHC survey went very smoothly and we were complimented on how well prepared our facility was.
Ruth Van Orden, RN, Quality Assurance Coordinator; Surgery Center of Lancaster
HCI’s consultant was very professional and knowledgeable about the accreditation process. Her observations in the clinical setting were very helpful and constructive. She spent a great deal of time reviewing policies and procedures and provided an excellent overview of accreditation requirements. We especially appreciated her assistance with the credentialing and privileging process. The consultant’s attention to our needs made this a satisfying experience.
Jan DeVoe, RN, Directory; Quality Improvement, Adagio Health